About Us

The Owners

ToadShop.com is one of the web properties owned and operated by Crazy Moose Fabrics, LLC of Greenville, ME, USA. Crazy Moose Fabrics, in turn, is owned by Dave and Marilyn Goodwin of Beaver Cove, Maine.

Dave & Marilyn moved to Maine in 2000 and originally hail from the upper Midwest. Although the original idea of moving to Maine was to simplify life, they now own two businesses and are active members of the community.

Contact Info

Our phone number: +1-207-695-3600
Our mailing address:   795 Lily Bay Rd Unit 109
  Beaver Cove, ME 04441 USA

Why Toads!

The idea for an online store for Cane Toad products had its start when Marilyn and Dave were in Australia on their honeymoon many years ago. They happened on a vendor at the Kurunda Village market that was selling coin purses made of Cane Toad leather. Dave bought one and has used it ever since.

For 16 years, Marilyn and Dave had sold Cane Toad items in the front office of their now-closed cabin rental business on Moosehead Lake. When they started another business in 2008 to sell quilting fabric in the center of Greenville, ME it became the new home for their cane toad business.

These unique products practically sell themselves when people see them in our fabric store so we thought we should see how well a specialty online store might do.