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Hello. And welcome to our online store for Cane Toad products. In fact, our store now has the largest selection of products related to the Australian Cane Toad that you can find anywhere on the Internet. In addition, we are still adding new products every week so make sure you come back often. If it is Cane Toad related and you don't see it here, by all means, drop us a note and we'll see what we can do to offer it in the future. Feel free to continue reading about the man-made natural disaster happening down in Australia or start shopping right away by clicking on the products and categories.


The Story of Cane Toads

Back in the 1930's, Australia was trying to deal with sugar cane beetles that were destroying  their crops. In 1935, after some questionable research, someone thought to import about 100 Cane Toads (Bufo Marinus) because they supposedly would devour these beetles.  Researchers soon discovered the beetle population was not declining as planned but, instead, the population of Cane Toads started booming. Turns out the toads couldn't jump high enough to catch the beetles and there was plenty of easier prey to get at their ground level.

To aggravate the Cane Toad problem, there are no natural predators of the toad in Australia. In fact, if one of Australia's many unique creatures decides to try to eat a toad, they themselves will die from the very deadly toxins found in the body of the toad. The Cane Toad has now become a pest all over Northern Australia -- the original 102 toads now have over 100 million decendents overrunning the country.

A big cane toad

The cane toads can live for 40 years, grow to 10 inches (25cm), and weigh up to 5 lbs (2.3kgs). Ranging in size from small to extra large — think of a soccer ball with legs and a head — people are now becoming quite creative in ways of handling the “new” pest. While in Australia on our honeymoon over 10 years ago, we "discovered" Cane Toad leather products while shopping in the Kurunda market north of Cairns. After a couple years, we decided it was a uniques gift product to sell here in the states so we tracked down the company who exports a wide variety of Cane Toad leather products. The skin of the Cane Toad is strong, tough and durable which makes great long-lasting gift items.

Finally, Cane Toads have been used for centuries by Chinese medicine in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. There is talk of a new farming industry in Queensland where they would start "harvesting" Cane Toads in high volume for production of therapeutic medicines. If this should come to pass, then the gift items sold here may become very rare and hard to get.

Recently, a great article with lots of facts came out in the Brisbane Times about our friend the cane toad. The article is titled "80 Facts to Mark 80 Years of Cane Toads".


Why buy a toad?

Reactions to a Cane Toad product

People love something different. Initial comments we have heard when people see our Cane Toads products displayed in our store:

“Cool”,  “Neat”, “Crazy”, “Yuck” (at first). “Is that really a toad”, “So and So would love this”!


Who would you buy a Cane Toad for?

Cane Toads make great conversation piece and will most likely not become a forgotten gift left in a drawer somewhere. Imagine how much fun people have when answering the question: “What did you get for your birthday?”. Of course, our selection of gifts cover a wide range of events from birthdays, holidays, weddings, etc.

Here is the start of a list of who might like to receive a Cane Toad from you:



Our products are all individual and unique. Each one might be a different color or personality. We cannot sort through them and pick one out specific to your request. The picture below shows the range of colors we have seen in the coin purses. The one on the left has been used for many years and has picked up a rich deep color and sheen. This is how most of the toads will end up if used on a daily basis.


Different colors of cane toad products


Note 2:

Many pictures in this online store shows a US quarter to show the relative size of our products. This does not mean your order comes with a free quarter! :) But we'll be happy to sell you one for 50 cents plus shipping if you would like ;)




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